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From business consulting and 1-on-1 coaching to fractional services, project management and virtual assistance, KR1STNA Media offers content, strategy and automation through an array of services formed specifically for growing businesses. We believe in seamless customer journeys, easy user experiences, integrated processes and powerful engagement opportunities. Our team connects leaders to creative solutions and brings clarity to projects in key areas including marketing, sales, events, technology, process and operations, execution and more. Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation to review how we can help.

Grow your business

Gain effective strategies to strengthen marketing & sales ROI. We offer audits, consultations, training services, project management, virtual assistance, and more. We’ll optimize and automate your processes, increase your lead generation, track campaigns, and increase customer loyalty.

Build your career

Through a Professional Growth Consultation, we help you to understand your personal and professional goals, plan and organize priorities, and develop a path for your career. Each consultation includes a detailed 1-on-1 meeting with one of our consultants to discuss the steps required for growth.

 Helping You To Achieve Ultimate Success

Unlock Full Potential

Let us work with you and your team to relay detail-sensitive technical information in digestible formats or we can even execute the nitty gritty work when necessary. Auditing, analyzing, and optimizing a wide range of strategic and tactical initiatives to increase ROI for brands large and small, we develop and execute comprehensive marketing and sales plans inclusive of branding efforts, organizational strategies, collateral creation, content strategies, thought leadership efforts, customer engagement techniques, social media engagement, event management, CRM database management and team training. We build opportunities around strategic professional relationships and piece together the creative solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

One-to-one virtual consultations make everything safe and easy

On-site consultations available upon request

Initial consultations are completely complimentary

Gain insight. Identify concerns and solutions. Accomplish goals.

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Offering Business Consultations, Coaching & Training Solutions

Understand the paths available for you to grow business. The first 30-minute consultation is on us!

Join a Class, Course or Workshop and Start a Path towards Education

Interested in learning how to automate your marketing and sales processes? Sign up for KR1STNA Media classes.

Hire a Virtual Assistance or Project Manager for your next big project

From project implementation, execution & measurement to staffing and team management, we help where its needed.

Schedule A Full Business Audit & Uncover Growth Opportunities

Are you a business leader seeking to grow? Determine where your business is vs. how to reach the next level.

What does the KR1STNA Media team exactly do?

Well, a little bit of everything, really! From consulting large businesses on marketing and sales in the customer journey, processes and operations or MQL strategies to one-to-one coaching for individuals looking to grow, we have the creative solution for you. As a hybrid consulting firm, we execute on digital and print design or content creation lead generation, customer loyalty, consumer engagement and so much more. KR1STNA Media leads clients and teams to organized, streamlined, and automated marketing and sales operations. Documenting solid internal and external processes across departments, we bring together previously siloed teams. Our customers are working at optimal levels in their marketing, sales, production and technology departments because we’ve been able to offer them solid creative direction and recommendations built on data integrity, reporting, audit and analysis. KR1STNA Media project leaders bring a deep understanding of everything from design and branding to audiences, messaging, and behavioral insight driven actions executed by prospects and other groups, leading campaigns to success. Other areas our team succeeds in include bringing in new techniques for driving consumer engagement.

As a US based business consultancy serving both local and global clients, our team offers powerful insight and professional services for various departments including marketing and sales, research & development, media and public relations, and other key business subjects. Whether you are looking for business advice, help during meetings, interested in a strong consultant to join you on stakeholder calls to bring up key points, or need help in executing marketing and sales campaigns through the project management leadership of a knowledgeable consultant leading the way to success, KR1STNA Media has you covered.

What else can our team accomplish for you?

Other topics we consult and train in include Startups, Media & Advertising, Digital Events, Live Events, Entertainment, Travel, Engagement, Sponsorships, Quality, Automation, Digital Footprints & Online Presence, and More.

In a busy world that is constantly reinventing itself, it’s important to have someone on your team that has detail orientation and niche skills in analyzing issues, diagnosing problems, executing substantial interventions and designing focused plans to help reach beneficial solutions. Whether in business or in your personal life, a consultant is going to serve multiple roles in the overall operation at hand. There’s no doubt about it, when you are hiring a consultant, you are investing in the success of the project. Thankfully, a consultant usually has a few special tips & tricks up their sleeves that will help achieve that success story.

Why KR1STNA Media?

KR1STNA Media builds on strategic relationships. We piece together business opportunities that offer our clients the creative solutions that not only meet but exceed their needs. 

When you need a team that utilizes methods to engage, teach and grow your business or career, it’s important to ensure you have a team with the right technical skills so that execution and and strategies run smoothly. KR1STNA Media takes your objectives to the next level by providing complete dedication to your projects & pushing limits to achieve higher ROI.

Through statistical data analysis, reporting, process development and improvement opportunities, projects will be completed from start to finish with enthusiasm and quality. Attention to detail, analyzing and diagnosing problems, executing interventions and designing focused solutions are part of a program with KR1STNA.

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Need Social Media Help? We've Got You Covered!

Offer your audience a more genuine connection through creative, strategic social media marketing and posts that engage consumers on a deeper level. We off you a chance to achieve personable relationships and accomplish messaging, creative, posting, community management, group management, advertising on social, reporting and analysis and many other services that cover important factors in social media marketing management.

Seeking help in Marketing and Sales but don't have a budget?

There are still so many ways we can help you with your business and professional goals.  Join our Marketing 101 Facebook group today and learn more about what to do & how to do it. Grow your business with complimentary strategies. Understand tools better, earn prizes or giveaways, network with professionals, and much more.

Are you an influencer?

According to Digital Marketing Institute, “A social media influencer is a user who has established credibility in a specific industry, has access to a huge audience and can persuade others to act based on their recommendations. An influencer has the tools and authenticity to attract many viewers consistently and can motivate others to expand their social reach.”

If you have an expanding career as a social media influencer or a business influencer, we want to hear from you! Share more about you and your network. Tell us what your focuses are. We may have some paid opportunities available to share with you!

Maybe you aren't the influencer - maybe you are the business seeking awesome influencers.

We are connecting every day with powerful social media influencers in all sorts of categories and niches including business and tech, B2B and B2C influencers, speakers and hosts, travel & tourism, hospitality, food & beverage and so much more. If you have influencer marketing needs, be sure to tell us so that we can connect you to the creative influencers we work with regularly.

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  • Strategy
  • Communication
  • Training
  • Networking
  • Personal Development
  • Career Coaching
  • Resume Building
  • Professional Development
  • Resources
  • Branding
  • Email Design
  • Web Design
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Consumer Engagement
  • Promotional
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Experiential & Cause
  • Sponsorships
  • Lead Generation
  • Outsourced Sales Teams
  • Office Infrastructure Consulting
  • Targeting Assistance
  • Sales Collateral Creation
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • CRM & Admin
  • Sales & Event Strategies
  • Optimize your LinkedIn
  • Custom Projects
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  • Custom Tools


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  • Platforms
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  • Video & Film
  • Photography
  • Lighting
  • 3D Mapping & Holograms
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  • Dimensional Effects
  • Promotional Items
  • Talent Buying
  • Booking
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    • Media Buying
    • Media Creation
    • Social Media
    • Ad Management
    • Advertisement Data Analysis & Reporting
    • Public Image
    • Influential Marketing
    Retention & Reviews
    • Customer Retention
    • Review Management Tool
    • Outsourced Online Review Management
    • Influence & Reputation Analysis
    • Travel Planning
    • Media & Marketing
    • Prize Giveaway Travel Packages
    • Travel Agent Education
    • Private Jet Charters
    • Gain Technical Specialists
    • Find Top Management Candidates
    • Hire Staff
    • Take Advantage of Great Temps
    • Philanthropy
    • Literacy Promotion
    • Conservation
    • Social
    • Political
    • Charity

    KR1STNA Media Newsletter

    Serving as resourceful engineers and leveraging business trends, the KR1STNA Media team learns the ins and outs of client needs to conquer challenges and set new and engaging standards for audiences. As a company driven by customer service, we rely on building strong relationships with leaders. KR1STNA Media brings clarity and positive energy to the table.

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    Social Media Marketing Management Packages

    If you aren’t posting on every major social media platform, you’re missing out on a ton of powerful exposure! Let us help you with your social media.

    Marketing & Sales Automation Consultation Packages

    In Marketing Automation, we offer process development & optimization in Pardot, HubSpot, Salesforce, Salesloft, among other key automation platforms.

    Paid Media Advertising Solutions & Consultation Packages

    Media Advertising requires planning, strategy, creative execution, setup, time, reports, analysis. If you don’t want to get into the weeds, let us do it for you.

    Events & Entertainment Planning & Execution Solutions

    It doesn’t matter if you are looking to host a digital tradeshow or a physical tradeshow. Our team of consultants has the best offerings around.

    Working Opportunities

    We believe in influencer marketing. Collaborations with influencers and advertisement platforms for our clients is a part of our offerings. If you are a business influencer, a social media influencer, and/or have an advertising platform to share with us, please fill out an Introduction Form to tell us more about it. We may have paid opportunities to connect you with!


    Business Influencers

    Check out professional services Kristina N Hernandez Eddy offers through KR1STNA Media.

    Social Media Influencers

    Kristina will dive into your current situation in a brief meeting. Discuss a plan with no obligation to commit.

    KR1STNA Media Niche Influencers

    Niche Advertising Platforms

    Join KR1STNA Media’s Business Leader Network & learn about cool opportunities being explored.

     Identify & Solve. Balance. Set Goals. Challenge Yourself & Others. Gain Rewards.

    Whether it’s personal development or business projects, KR1STNA Media’s Facebook Group, Marketing 101 – Tools, Tips & tricks, provides resources to professionals to achieve ultimate success stories. Challenging the ins-and-outs of current processes to create a wholistic improvement plans may be the best way to find successful creative solutions. Client-focused, KR1STNA provides a mentor-like relationship for professionals and dives into details.

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