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Starting out on Facebook as a Brand or Business?

Facebook evolved from a simple social network to a content sharing and marketplace platform with millions of active users. The vast features of Facebook, combined with the increasing number of its users, made online marketing more manageable than ever. Many digital marketers have put up their businesses on the social network, so if you aren’t live yet on Facebook, we suggest that you jump to it – fast.

Initially, before experiencing the social network’s marketing potential, users have to create a Facebook page using a personal account. Unlike a personal profile, Facebook pages are designed for businesses and influencers to promote their brands, expand their reach, and have a community.

Here are 4 Tasks to Add into Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

After you create a Facebook page, you can now plan strategies. The goal is now to make your marketing effective. But we’ve got you covered on some of the key factors that can help you started. Here are 4 Tasks for Your Facebook Marketing Strategy:

1. Analyze your competitors

First, check your competitor’s routine, content and community to get a hint on how to move forward ahead of them. Document the information you obtain and find ways to make your strategy better – more personalized, customized, automated and relevant to the current hot topics. By understanding your competitors, you can create a strong Facebook Marketing Strategy that works for your brand.

2. Establish measurable objectives

Second, define your goals based on the products and services you market. Make sure you thoroughly understand your own expectations, targeted audience, community growth ideas, and be sure to plan your content in a consistent format – something that represents the brand’s voice and composure. Steadily acting on measurable objectives that you’ve established and being able to cross them out as you go will keep you honest, accountable, and your Facebook page will stay active along the way, as well.

3. Continually optimize your Facebook page

Third, be sure to continually optimize your Facebook page by using the right keywords and researching different methods that have worked for others. Begin to adapt your findings to your own processes. Remember that by posting the right content and having a a well-thought out plan, your Facebook pages can easily grow.

Furthermore, by researching, creating, rewriting, posting regularly, showing up on every available page that makes sense, and actively engaging your audience, you will be optimizing it. By populating more relevant and branded content, you should see your numbers go up – sometimes slowly but organically. Your brand image must be professional but simple, as Facebook audiences tend to follow humble but witty pages. You can also set up a shop for your merch, making it easier for people to find your products more accessible.

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4. Personalize your content

Finally, Facebook users also prefer more personalized content than a super-professional one, so create and publish posts that can be relatable not only for your followers but also for the general audience. You can also throw some polls and live streams once in a while to get your audience’s attention and make them feel a part of the community.

ALWAYS measure your Facebook Marketing Strategy

Set your deliverables. Understand your goals. And measure, measure, measure. To learn what works and what doesn’t you have to execute A/B tests and understand your market thoroughly. As you grow your brand and build communities on Facebook, don’t hesitate to review your marketing performance regularly and create new strategies to support your growth with more A/B testing.

In fact, monitoring your Facebook marketing is necessary to know the subsequent strategies, improve your brand, and surpass your initial goals. Some of the things that can be measured in Facebook are the following:

  • Community growth
  • Followers
  • Content effectivity
  • Engagements

Let’s face it. There are so many factors that can affect your Facebook market’s growth patterns, but you don’t have to worry. With the amount of data and numbers that are coming in, all you need is to have the right Marketing tricks up your sleeve. For example, there are tools available that can collect and measure the data for you. One of our favorite tools to use to accomplish this is a web and social data analysis platform called Metricool.

Metricool helps Facebook managers and social media influencers by gathering data from their accounts and transforming it into branded analytic reports. Therefore, influencers can use the reports to share their reach and engagement rate information with brands and potential clients. Brands use the reports to share with partners and in proposals.

These analytics can monitor the development of your Facebook market. What’s good about Metricool is that you can have all of these performance measurements in one place. You can even sort the analytics, which has more bearing to you.

You can sign up here and use the code kr1stna for a 7 day trial of any premium plan and see how you can get the most out of your Facebook analytics using this insightful tool. We recommend Team15 or higher because, not only are the plans still extremely affordable, but they offer branded reporting capabilities that our clients love, and yours will too.

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