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A Quick Comparison of Metricool vs. Buffer

There are millions of businesses that want to put their brand online one step ahead of competitors. To implement the best strategy and reach milestones, most conglomerates and small businesses rely on digital marketing tools. This has resulted in tons of digital marketing tools to swarm the market.

In this blog, we compared 2 of the leading marketing tools available right now to find out which one is the best. These tools help strategize your plans and minimize your efforts in dealing with your online presence. But before we differentiate the two, let’s meet each of the contenders first. 


Metricool is a tool with many functions. It helps you analyze the data from your social media networks, ad campaigns, and content. With Metricool, analytics from all of your platforms, including websites and social networks, can be compared side-by-side without jumping in between your browser’s tabs. Insights are just sitting in one place, ready to be used for improving digital strategy.

Metricool is a haven for businesses and influencers who manage different brands. Multiple statistics and insights are available in one place. The tool allows its users to organize and pick their preferred data for the day without being bombarded with unwanted analytics. Aside from keeping your numbers intact, Metricool enables users to receive an automated, professional-looking report. The good thing is that you can control what to include in the reports. You can also download the reports to have your copy or distribute it across teams.

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Buffer allows users to navigate various social media networks in a single dashboard. Buffer users can schedule posts and publish them on social media platforms. The tool also offers analytics from social media content. Buffer allows a maximum of ten posts to be scheduled and only caters to one social media account in their free trial version.

Buffer has several features that can get the details from potential views, clicks, mentions, retweets, etc. Like other digital marketing tools, Buffer is generally available to be used through browsers and mobile apps.

Metricool and Buffer Compared

Now that we are familiar with two of the most leading digital marketing tools, we’ll find out which platform is the best.

Metricool has the ability to gather campaign analytics from multiple networks and monitor data from competitors, while Buffer only shows the available data from its user’s own social media platform.

Metricool’s user interface is also better than Buffer’s. Metricool’s clean, minimal interface helps users navigate across any data and manage marketing functions comfortably. The design is user-friendly, especially to online marketing newbies. So for ease-of-access, the point is for Metricool, giving freelancers, individuals, and even newcomers a chance to manage their online presence effortlessly.

Issues and queries regarding marketing tools tend to happen casually. When problems occur, the best solution is to reach out to the provider of the tool. In this case, Metricool has an available support team ready to assist users anytime. If you might be unfamiliar with the functions or have trouble with the tool, you can easily connect to the Metricool support team. Buffer, on the other hand, has many reviews about issues not being resolved. Reaching for a support is a bit challenging, and communication is a bit unresponsive.

Lastly, Metricool offers a competitive package. With only $18/month, Metricool users can access 5 different brands together with almost all of the functions and analytics needed from a digital marketing tool.

Buffer’s Pro package is available at $35/month that gives overview recommendations using analytics from only one user account. Next to it is the Premium account with a whopping $50/month, with added functions that you can still get with Metricool’s $18/month package.

Just imagine the capacity of Metricool when you choose it’s Team 25, a $79/month package that Buffer Pro is supposed to match in terms of the tier.

So there you have it! We got you covered on comparing two of the most popular digital marketing tools, and Metricool is undoubtedly our victor. Compared to Buffer, Metricool has the advantage on the following:

  • Social Media Analytics
  • Social Media Tools
  • Campaign Features
  • Competitor Monitoring
  • Ease-of-access
  • User-friendly
  • Support team availability
  • Budget-friendly
Try Metricool – it’s absolutely FREE!

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