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“Uh oh! Does that small error I made on my marketing campaign matter? Do you think anyone else will even notice? Does Quality Assurance really matter for my business plans?”

Have you ever caught a small error on an email marketing campaign that came from – well, what you thought was – a reputable company? How did you feel about the credibility of that company afterwards? It’s a Marketing Manager’s biggest fear, and it has to be one of the most embarrassing things in the world to come up against. The dreaded Quality Assurance testing task is undeniably one of the most delicate parts of every campaign.

Imagine being that person: You just sent out a live email to 200,000 consumers, and there was a misspelled word in the center of the email that no one noticed before you hit the sent button. Now, there’s 50,000 people deciding whether they want to continue reading your, apparently, sloppy messages or do they dare hit the unsubscribe button?

Or maybe you’re dealing with a situation where your website looks great on your desktop but on an iPhone, there’s words getting cut off and other words wrapping into areas it shouldn’t. Unless you enjoy “biting the bullet” to face the uncomfortable discussion as to “why this happened in the first place” with your superiors, you might even consider running home to hide under the covers until the weekend comes back around.

A Team of Quality Assurance Specialists help you to identify issues before it’s too late.

We get it. We understand the fact that we are all human, and human error is inevitable. We can totally relate to being under pressure after reviewing an email for hours on end and needing a second set of eyes to make sure I’m not going crazy. We’ve been there, so we can relate to the copywriters that have no one to lean on to make sure they are on point in every sense – a backup team. We also share our sympathy for those email marketers that sent out an email with words misspelled… and now there’s a career is in jeopardy.

On a regular basis, we review detailed emails searching for errors, confirming the right corrections, and providing approvals. We create meticulous processes that have to be followed to ensure there are no errors in our customer’s emails, and we’ve mastered the process. Our team runs smoothly, and we know how critical it is to follow each step in our process to ensure quality.

Don’t let your coding or messaging lead your audience on the wrong customer journey.

Not that long ago, a large restaurant chain sent our CEO an email to her personal inbox. She just so happened to be going through it when, low and behold, she found herself reading an email from one of her favorite dinner spots. At the bottom, it has a mailing address for the corporate office linked, NOT the actual restaurant. It was even offering to take her to Google Maps with a simple click.

For some businesses, this type of thing might not be recognized as an issue. But think about it, someone somewhere who’s a fan of the restaurant but not of technology might come up against that email and, from a user experience standpoint, they’re not going to recognize that Building A of the corporate building is going to be serving them dinner tonight when they show up after clicking on the Google Maps link. No one wants a hungry customer out there somewhere that’s going to click on that link, thinking they are about to use Google Maps to drive over to this famous restaurant to grab something to eat. When that person gets to an office complex thinking they’re about to serve him a delicious surf-and-turf dinner, he’s going to be very disappointed to find that it’s the wrong location.

Customer Experience is everything. Think about it up front.

From our perspective, it’s an easily avoided error. This kind of situation, in the marketing world, would not be considered a great user experience. As marketers, we only get ONE chance to convince a potential buyer that There’s a creative solution for it – having a dedicated quality assurance team to look out for unique situations to check that the user experience is on point, just like the rest of your email!

Having a trained eye, I saw this as a user experience issue. My team and I have been trained in situations like these to understand that certain user experience and the issues and small questionable discrepancies they may face. With the proper Email Marketing and Web Quality Assurance team behind them, this large, corporate style restaurant chain wouldn’t have this embarrassing blog up on the internet making them question their own “Quality Assurance” processes.

This is exactly why Email Marketing and Web Quality Assurance should be considered key factors in 2021 for your business marketing campaigns. If you want to get things done correctly, you need more than just one person checking your money-making emails and websites before consumers have a look to criticize it themselves. What you need is a team of Quality Assurance Specialists available for your entire Marketing department to work with – to ensure guidelines and client specifics are met with every project.

With so many dollars being wasted on campaigns that don’t even pull in business at the end of the day, it’s extremely important to get your messaging right. 

A few years ago there was a general statistic our team would focus on: “for every dollar invested, the average return is $38.” If that doesn’t speak to your C-Suite, what will? This is all confirmation as to why email marketing and web quality assurance needs to be a part of your team’s strategy. You don’t want to get this piece of the puzzle wrong!

You need to set ground rules and processes around testing the HTML and Text files that your developers just created. Some of the things you might look out for include the rendering concerns for various email clients after sending out live previews to testers from your main email marketing platform like Salesforce, Mailchimp or Marketo, or understanding how the user receives information after your team deep links a URL in a campaign. For optimal engagement and user experience, having a Quality Assurance team behind your work, testing these important details before an email gets sent to the ever-so delicate email marketing list, is essential.

If you ever have questions on how things should be done, schedule a meeting or reach out at info@kr1stna.com. Our team at KR1STNA Media will be more than happy to help!

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