It’s Giveaway Time!

We are a consulting firm that knows how to have fun! While supporting our clients, non-profit companies, and other small-to-mid-sized businesses, we find ways to connect our network of great companies with you, our audience, through powerful giveaway opportunities. Click on the button below and learn more about our latest giveaways, contests, and offers!



Review our Frequently Asked Questions

Many times, our community will come to us with similar questions. Take a look at some of these FAQs and learn more about what our contests offer and how we handle the submissions and winners. Let us know if you have any questions!

What are the different contest types I can enter?

We offer seven types of contests and many different ways to enter including on our social media channels, website, text and email. Here are more details related to each type of contest:

  • Giveaways: We select at random one or more winners who followed our giveaway instructions.
  • Polls: We deliver interactive experiences with or without a prize using polls in our emails, website, or social media channels.
  • Instant win: Every once in awhile we will randomly offer instant win games.
  • Photo or video contest: Share your pictures or videos with us by tagging us for a chance to win!
  • Coupon: we will offer an exclusive coupon or gift certificate to our audience via Facebook Messenger, email, or social media post.
  • Form: we may create a landing page to enter for a chance to win with questions related to our contest.
  • Trivia quiz: Gauge your knowledge by answering once of our quizzes – this could be on our website or social channels.

How do you announce a winner?

We will announce winners on social media, through our blog, and on the giveaway entry instructions page.

Will the prize for each contest be different?

Yes! We offer different prizes for each our contests. We love offering high-quality products that come from businesses we support, our clients, and other small businesses.

How do you let the winners know they won?

We will reach out once via email, text, and/or on social media, depending upon the last point of communication we had with the winner. We will try all of those methods if we have all of the winner’s information. Once a certain amount of time passes, if the winner doesn’t respond, we are forced to choose another winner, so when you enter a giveaway, be sure to stay tuned for winner announcements!

How do you pick a winner for a giveaway?

When picking a winner for a giveaway, our team has a strict set of guidelines. Every selection is random!

There was a delay in the announcement of a winner. Why?

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Giveaways & Contests

Here’s where you can learn about our latest prizes, giveaways, and contests

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Christmas Giveaway 2021

We have winners for a successful first giveaway, our Christmas Giveaway 2021!

Summer 2022 Pop Quiz

Sign up form and details will become available in April 2022.

Thanksgiving Recipe & Photo Contest 2022

Sign up form and details will become available in November 2022.

Valentine's Day Photo or Video Contest 2022

Sign up form and details will become available in February 2022.

Autumn Harvest Giveaway 2022

Sign up form and details will become available in August 2022.

Christmas Giveaway 2022

Sign up form and details will become available in December 2022.

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Oh wow!!!!! I am exploding with excitement!!!

Winner’s words in response to the announcement of a giveaway package before it was mailed to winner’s address.

Karen M., Port Orange, FL

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