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If you are a social media influencer open for business, creating a media kit is essential. A media kit (sometimes known as a press kit) is a set of materials that provides details and information about the influencer, which are then used to pitch to brands, companies, or even another influencer. In this blog, we’ll show you how to create a media kit and boost your business as a social media influencer.

What to Include in a Media Kit


Creating a media kit is as simple as making a resume for clients. It highlights achievements, work portfolio, and numbers such as USP or unique selling proposition. But according to Shopify, not all media kits guarantee attention from target clients. With that said, we’ll help you sort the best details to include in your media kit.

Big brands will want to know more about the influencer they will work with. Creating an introduction about yourself should be short and straight to the point. You can summarize your background, recognitions, and interests. Influencers should also include their expertise when introducing themselves.


Businesses tend to collaborate with influencers that have a similar audience to their brand. You can provide the number from your demographics and include your usual buyer persona. Make sure to organize these details to make your media kit clean and pleasing to your client’s perspective.

Social media

Social media details are the most important information to highlight in a media kit. Influencers should include their social network’s numbers, including followers and previous collaborations from other vendors or brands. Keep in mind that the numbers from different social media platforms change from time to time, meaning that influencers should actively update them. To do this, influencers should have a digital marketing tool like Metricool to consolidate analytics reports. Metricool can help you measure numbers and even analyze demographics from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and many more.


There is no harm in adding social proof from your business as a social media influencer. On your social media kit, include testimonials from the most exclusive brands you have worked with. Testimonials improve the quality and show the credibility of a media kit. Influencers can put their testimonials in the form of visuals (magazine cover, brand logo, etc.)

Impressive design

Throwing in words and numbers isn’t the only way to make your media kit appealing. Having an impressive design can also help your media kit stand out. You can check out samples of media kit designs and create them at Adobe Spark.

Collaboration details

It is essential to let the brands know how the influencer will work with them. Summarize options for collaborations, including product reviews, giveaways, and vlogs. Influencers can also include the collaboration method they used with previous brands. They can also include their preferred method of collaboration as an alternative to the list.


Pricing is optional, especially if you are still starting your influencer business. Include the pricing that fits your social media standing. Always leave room for negotiation and avoid using words such as “price starts at.”

What are the advantages of an effective media kit?

Influencer media kits reflect who you are and what you do. Creating this digital portfolio is as easy as creating a curriculum vitae, but constructing it wisely is the best way to increase the chances of being signed-up by brands. An effective media kit attracts more collaborations resulting in an increase in social media numbers and vice versa.

Remember to highlight your capacity as an influencer, and don’t rush the crucial details because every information you include in your media kit is a key to your business growth.

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