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How to share more than one link in your Instagram bio

Say goodbye to your LinkTree account. Metricool’s Instagram Bio Link feature is taking over! If you are an Instagram fanatic like us, then you know very well that users can only add one link in their bio on Instagram. If businesses and influencers decide to redirect their followers to a different page, they have to change the URL in their profile every time – unless they find a more creative solution, of course.

Introducing Metricool’s Instagram Bio Link

With Metricool, a social media management platform, users can now add multiple links to their profiles using the Instagram Bio Link feature. The Instagram Bio Link feature in Metricool is found on the Planning Page and allows users to personalize the links they add to their bio, making it friendly and easy to access with users. The platform allows you to customize buttons down to their color, upload Instagram photos, and even link the images to important sites.

How to add multiple links to your Instagram bio

Here are some steps on how to add multiple links to Instagram profile:

  1. On Metricool’s main page, find the “Planning” section.
  2. In the “Planning” section, click “Instagram link.”
  3. There will be two options available to put a link in the Instagram bio.
  4. You can choose to either “Add button” or “Add picture.”
    • If you click on the “Add button,” a box will pop-up where you have to fill out a piece of short information.
      • Type the text that will appear on the button.
      • Type the link to the site where the buttons will redirect your audience.
      • Click OK to complete the button.
    • You can add unlimited buttons on Metricool’s Link in bio feature. So, if you’d like to add more, simply repeat the steps.
  5. If you want to use image, click “Add Picture”
    • It’s recommend to add images that have words to help the reader choose a link that is relevant for them
    • Be sure to link your image to your site or blog or social media. Whatever site you are seeking to share with your audience.

What are the advantages in using Metricool’s link in bio feature?

Having one link in bio is a bit of a problem for most Instagram users. But with Metricool’s link in bio feature, users can do the following:

  • Select the number of buttons to link
  • Direct access to multiple webpages
  • Personalize call-to-action

You can now redirect your followers to specific web pages easily using Metricool’s link in bio buttons. You can forget worries about having just one link in your Instagram profile. What’s more, your webpages can get more traffic from your Instagram audiences because of buttons that can customize the call to action and are user-friendly.

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