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Instagram Marketing

Instagram is the leading social network when it comes to sharing photos and videos. Since Facebook acquired Instagram, the social network gained more and more personal users, companies, and businesses. If you are a content manager or an influencer that is ready to market your brand using Instagram, this blog is for you.

Why use Instagram for marketing

Instagram, alongside Facebook and Twitter, is the most accessible platform to manage in terms of marketing. Aside from the simple sharing of photos and video clips, you can use Instagram to promote brands, products, and services.

Optimize your profile

Before publishing any promotions or content, social media managers and influencers must first optimize their Instagram profiles. The profile serves as a reflection of a business or brand. If you haven’t set it up yet, we encourage you to look at the following tips on how to optimize your Instagram profile.

Profile picture

If you are an influencer, it can be your own photo. If you are a business, you can upload your brand name or logo. You can use the same profile picture from your other social networks so audiences can easily recognize your brand.

Profile name and username

Your profile name can be your personal name, your screen name, or your business name. Usernames can be the same as your other social networks. It should be short and, if possible, avoid special characters. 


Bio is an important factor in captivating your audience. In the bio section, you can put who you are and what you do. You can also add hashtags and keywords based on your niche and link to your landing page or online shop.

Use a business profile

Instead of using the basic personal profile, use a business profile to activate features, including insights, shopping, and contact options.

4 Tasks to Add into Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

Strategize your content

While marketers have the capability to post content and promotions any time they like, there is a better way to market using Instagram. The best way to reach your audience properly and get them engaged is to schedule posts through Metricool. Metricool is a digital marketing tool that analyzes, plans, and publishes content on Instagram. Metricool can give an overview of analytics from your Instagram posts, the best time to publish, and engagements from your followers. You can use Metricool to strategize your Instagram marketing effortlessly. You can even download a copy of your overall Instagram analytics overview and discuss planning with content managers and social media consultants. You can use the code ***** to get a free trial of Metricool for Instagram marketing.

There are a few tips to make sure that your Instagram content will be appealing to your audience and gain more interaction:

  • Use call-to-action
  • Drive your traffic to a website/blog
  • Avoid using banned hashtags
  • Do not spam comment sections and direct messages
  • Use hashtags relevant to your niche

Instagram isn’t a complicated social network. It is actually the easiest platform to use for digital marketing. All you have to do is produce content strategically to get more attention, increase followers, and trend in your niche. Strategizing your Instagram marketing will pave ways for collaborations, business partnerships, and grow your brand instantaneously.

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