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KR1STNA Media has been active for the past three years, paving ways for businesses and influencers online. Founded by Kristina Hernandez on March 5th, 2018, the consulting firm has been assisting various clients of different niches to maintain, organize, and grow their presence – both online & offline.


KR1STNA Media turns three. It’s hard to believe that we are turning three this year. We’d like to extend our big thanks to all of our amazing clients, friends, colleagues, and family members who did not stop supporting us for the past years. We are fortunate to be a part of countless endeavors of businesses and influencers around the globe. We would also like to thank Kristina and all that contributes to making KR1STNA Media happen. KR1STNA Media also wants to give a big shout-out to Metricool for being the best partner in managing our clients’ social market.


A New Blog for KR1STNA Media is on the way

KR1STNA Media is proud to announce that we will have our new series of blogs! We will feature various stories on our website’s blog section. We are ready to share the world what we do inside KR1STNA Media (and possibly in our free time, too!) We will also be working on publishing blogs where we take a piece of our client’s experiences through their customer journeys and current business processes in order to share their time with KR1STNA Media. Stay updated with KR1STNA Media through our new blog series by subscribing to our newsletter today!




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