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We are not your average consultants. We don’t stop at discussions and recommendations. From inception through completion, we offer services to help you strategize and plan, execute and document, report and analyze. Through Fractional Services or Project Management services to help our clients succeed with proven strategies in place, we help you and your teams to leverage powerful platforms and perform based on best practices. We utilize our consultations to highlight strengths and identify weaknesses but then we determine the best options on how to move forward for you and your team in order to grab hold of any “low-hanging fruit”, immediate begin on improving processes and optimizing ROI while you streamline every detail. Whether you want to bridge gaps between siloed teams, add valuable content to your offerings for your current audiences, increase your numbers or double your lead generation efforts, we’ve got customizable creative solutions that will help you and your teams reach new levels with  customers and audiences.


What can we help you with today?

KR1STNA Media Consulting

Business Consulting

When your team has resources and tools in place but no growth is being seen in the company, it’s time to stop “going through the motions” and take a step back. Finding what works and what doesn’t can best be handled through the help of an organized consultant specializing in the business topics that you need help.

KR1STNA Media Coaching

1-to-1 Coaching

Whether you need a Business Coach or a Career Coach, our team offers professional development opportunities to help you strengthen skills, grow or even change your career path. Our coaches offer training and development, resume help, research on career paths, health & wellness, balance, and other important coaching topics.

KR1STNA Media Consulting - Marketing and Sales Automation, Processes and Procedures

Virtual Assistance

If your list of things to do is growing, we can help! Executing tasks big to small and everything in between, our team will handle the remedial things while you focus on more important business subjects. Let us help you manage everything from client inquiries and other communication to payments, data entry, and much more.

Training by KR1STNA Media

Group Training

Interested in customized training for your entire team? We offer discounts and customized approaches for larger teams. We offer consulting and guidance in key business topics like marketing, sales, process and procedure, technology, operations, communication, social media, campaign tracking and measurement, and tool integrations.

Business Strategy by KR1STNA Media

Customized Audits to Meet Your Needs

From the tools your team is using and the procedures in place to the small creative details and budgets used for marketing and sales, it’s so important to understand every detail in order to plan & assume a fully functional business strategy. Our team will step in and help you to identify challenges and make recommendations to help you optimize or create a business strategy for your business.

KR1STNA Media Processes

Business Strategy & Process Review

During process audits and Business Audit Programs, many times, we will find that our clients are suffering from process deficiencies. Seeking to find, address, and resolve gaps in client processes, we work to solidify the internal steps required  to execute any given project. Areas of improvement are reflected in team communication,  documentation of tasks and roles, process automation.

Operations Reviews by KR1STNA Media

Operations & Technology Checks

Operationally, you want your processes and procedures to flow with ease between systems, programs, tools, and roles. The technology and data aspects of your business should be fluid. We begin by looking at the customer journey coupled with the internal and external processes and procedures in place to identify new techniques and areas of improvement.

Marketing & Sales with KR1STNA Media

Marketing & Sales Assistance

We offer excellence in marketing & sales projects. Look no further for your next virtual assistant or Fractional CMO. We have the best talent available for content strategy. We also assist with Martech and Sales Enablement platforms like Salesloft, Salesforce, HubSpot and/or Pardot.  We assist by auditing your current systems, integrating and streamlining all of the processes.

Online Presence and Digital Footprints by KR1STNA Media

Branding, Presence & Digital Footprint

If you are looking to learn and grow your branding, online presence & digital footprint, we can sit down together to review and discuss what you currently have, what you’ll want to do to optimize, and how to ensure your business is showing up properly online.

Business events with KR1STNA Media

Planning Events & Entertainment

We have experience in both  digital and physical events, so we know what you need when you have an event to plan. Let us help you ensure that your event and entertainment are top-notch and memorable for years to come through our partnerships and creativity.

Team Development and Team Building by KR1STNA Media

Team Building & Team Development

Especially after COVID-19, leaders all over the world understand the importance of ensuring their employees are mentally, physically & socially healthy. Through our team building & team development programs, strengthen your staff through togetherness.

Analytics by KR1STNA Media

Customer Journey & User Experience

The Customer Journey and user experience are often undervalued topics but they are great to review when looking for growth opportunities or areas of improvement. Let us help you audit and optimize your current customer journey & user experiences.

Our Process

Remote Work Access Provides Safe Environments

We understand the growing concerns around health care these days. By working from the comfort of our home offices, we are able to ensure that everyone involved is safe and comfortable. When an in-person meeting is needed, we discuss the details, requirements, regulations in place and updated recommendations by the CDC to ensure we are all on the same page. With some upfront planning, we cover all concerns and do everything possible to ensure the safety of clients and staff in any in-person functions. Ready to chat about next steps? Pick a date and time for a complimentary consultation to review your current concerns.


Get Everything You Need With Just One Team

If you’d like to see an “A-La-Carte” Menu of options for all of the products and services that KR1STNA Media can offer you, please feel free to click on the button below! We have plenty of options for you to choose from so that we can focus in on what really matters and get you moving in the right direction.

"Kristina is an absolute asset to any organization. She brings not only creativity, inspiration, energy, professionalism, dedication and marketing savvy, but also strong team skills that contribute greatly to sales, marketing, business development, branding, communications campaigns, social media messaging and more. It was a joy to work with Kristina and I would strongly recommend her."

Marie Alonso, Communications & Community Impact

"Kristina has very good communication skills I have seen her work first hand and she is good at what she does. I recommend anyone to hire her."

Grace Omonua, Social Media Manager & Business Influencer

"Kristina es una mujer apasionada por el marketing y con una capacidad de trabajo brutal, no ve problemas solo oportunidades. Además es capaz de medir y mostrar con datos todo su trabajo. Se integra como un guante al equipo y siempre tiene una actitud positiva. It was a pleasure work with Kristina."

Isabel Romero, Head of Marketing at Metricool

For Everyone

We work with everyone – from mom & pop shops to large, Fortune 500 clients

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you need. Let us know what your challenges are and we will work with you to develop a plan based off of your need and budget to ensure that your company is moving in the right direction for your staff and for your customers.

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