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Many people search for the best digital marketing tools to help their businesses grow, boost ROI, and maintain their online presence. With the vast selection of marketing tools, it is pretty hard to find one that suits best a business. The article will provide you with the 10 best marketing tools to make your digital market productive and on-track.

Here are the Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools to Utilize in 2021

We constructed a list of 10 of the best digital marketing tools that you can use to up your game online. Check out the best tools that will indeed work perfectly with your business:

  1. Asana

Asana offers better communication between individual creators or business teams. The tool is a great platform to collaborate with others easily and transparently. Plans can be viewed and organized by groups, and because of their construct targeted for a large number of people, Asana is the best when it comes to task scheduling and management.

  1. WeVideo

If you are a video creator looking for an easy-access, easy-to-use video editor, then WeVideo is perfect for you. Unlike other video editing apps, WeVideo can be accessed online without installing programs on your device. Users can choose from premium versions according to their project. 

  1. PeakMetrics

Track social media performance with PeakMetrics. Using the marketing tool, users can examine their campaigns performance, look over engagements, check analytics, and examine competitors. PeakMetrics is all that you need to keep an eye on your brand’s digital presence.

  1. Google Drive

Managing files can be a bit challenging, especially if dealing with different types. But with Google Drive, file organization is possible. You can view, edit, and download your files anytime, anywhere. The tool is free and can be used online or through the mobile app.

  1. StreamYard

StreamYard is a tool for managing live streams to various social media platforms. This tool is easy to use, especially if users plan to produce their stream to multiple sites. StreamYard can also access it through a browser without downloading any apps.

  1. ONiAd

ONiAd is an ad tool that helps users advertise their business. From products, social media, and even services, ONiAd can produce every promotion for your brand.

  1. SpaceGram

Organize the descriptions of your Instagram images with SpaceGram. SpaceGram is an Instagram description editor that corrects the texts to your preferred layout. Construct texts and split paragraphs to make your captions more neat and easy to read for your Instagram audience.

  1. Metricool

If you are searching for a business management tool that handles everything you want for your brand, Metricool has every function you need. From social media management to website organization, Metricool has a lot to offer. Strategize, analyze and make content for your brand through Metricool’s digital marketing tools available.

  1. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is famous for its very own Divi Builder. It offers themes for WordPress together with plugins that users can use to elevate their web page interface. Users can select any theme that will suit their aesthetic the most.

  1. Google Analytics

If you want a tool that focuses solely on your brand’s performance, you can choose Google Analytics as your metrics partner. The tool offers numerous functions like traffic source, audience data, and sale generation. What’s more, Google Analytics is free to use. Users can access the tool both online and mobile app.

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