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What’s the “Three Month” Rule to Marketing Campaigns? And Why is it So Important to Follow?

So, what’s the “Three Month” Rule to Marketing Campaigns anyway?

With every campaign we execute at KR1STNA Media, we do our best to implement a “three month rule” which basically means that if we start with a collaboration or campaign, we execute it for AT LEAST three months. This gives us ample time to collect data and allow the process to work itself out.

Then, after three months goes by, we audit the project entirely, see where we are with everything, and produce our future goals for the campaign. The “three month” rule provides us with a reset button where we can refresh our campaign and restart again with an optimized strategy. 

If a campaign is working well, we will optimize the plans we have for the deliverables at hand, including copy, images, videos and other content. If the campaign does not seem to be working, we will work to identify the gaps and missteps in our prior campaign, retry another strategy with new variables and A/B tests, and secure plans to ensure we measure earlier rather than later to see if we need to make further adjustments to enhance the project. 

Through experience, any campaign with less than three-months of continued exposure is actually a waste of money. You literally cannot get the bigger picture of what’s being captured in the data in less time than 90 days.

According to a survey conducted by Marketscan, many marketers follow the three-month rule to measure, plan, and execute marketing strategies. In this timeframe, businesses will be able to identify everything they need to start up or reboot their marketing system.

The three-month rule includes important factors, processes, and trials that will significantly affect a marketing campaign. The essential points involve selecting the best buyer persona, planning contents, running ads, enhancing communications, and repeating the process when necessary.

ALWAYS implement the three-month rule to every campaign

The three-month rule is essential to any business that wants to ensure their marketing campaign is successful, from start to end. The goal with every campaign should be to analyze the data after the three month mark and repeat action plans to exceed goals.

The rule implies that a marketing strategy is best when campaigns are tried and tested over time, with the minimum being three months. The three-month rule naturally occurs in parallel with the kick-off period of a small business and huge companies. But other firms choose to revamp their marketing campaigns due to a change of services, product updates, or acquisitions. The transitions require extensive research, strategy development, and retention from past campaigns.

The first three months is a perfect timeframe to educate marketers about their target audience, what type of services or products will work for them, and the kind of approach they will use to sell or promote these products. You can implement the three-month rule to start fresh, relaunch, or improve your marketing campaign, but whatever you choose to do with your campaign, be sure to ALWAYS apply the rule!

Why the three-month rule is so important

The rule is the stepping stone towards an effective marketing campaign. It will provide basic steps, concerns, and solutions over a decent time period, nothing more and nothing less. Once the three months are over, the business will decide to reimplement the marketing process in the same format, optimize it, completely strategize for the needs that the campaign was supposed to solve, or scratch it completely.

The three-month rule is crucial as it will define your objectives, set up your action plan, strategize your production, and point to changes required to better your business endeavors.

There are many things that you can do within the three months to help optimize your campaigns, as well. Even though there are varying processes on how to strategize marketing campaigns, most businesses agree on the key initiatives that they should take in the course of 3 months:

  • Create buyer personas
  • Define target market
  • Collect reliable and established data
  • Build online presence
  • Setup advertisements
  • Produce content
  • Measure performance

If your business needs a strong, effective marketing strategy, you can book a consultation with KR1STNA Media today. In just three months, you will be able to achieve your marketing campaign targets and boost your profit in no time. Visit KR1STNA Media to find the best marketing strategies for your business now.

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